Chinese Nationality Room

In 1926, then-Pitt Chancellor John G. Bowman asked Ruth Crawford Mitchell to mobilize immigrants to help design rooms to honor the ethnic traditions of their homelands. The Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning were thus born and they turn 80 this year. At the time, immigrants from 43 nations populated Western Pennsylvania, according to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on June 12, 2006. There are now 26 museum-quality classrooms. Nineteen rooms was built by 1957 and between 1987 and 2000, seven more were constructed under the directions of Mrs. Maxine Bruhns. Eight nationality rooms are now under development: those are Denmark, Finland, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Wales. Each Nationality Room is decorated to represent her culture prior to 1787, the year the University of Pittsburgh was founded. You can take a virtual tour of the Chinese Room through The Chinese Nationality Room Committee, chaired by Karen Yee, OCA Vice President of Public Affairs, conducts fundraising every year to fund scholarships to study in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. View the Nationality Rooms Brochure (PDF) »