Asian American Heritage Committee

The Asian American Heritage Committee is an organization sponsored by the Federal Executive Board of the Federal Government. Two of its many objectives are to (1) make the public aware of the valuable contributions to our society being made by Asian Americans, and (2) to promote awareness and understanding of the various cultures of Americans of Asian background, who are the fastest growing minority group in our nation. The Committee itself is an all volunteer group, consisting of federal employees and members representing each participating ethnic group with the Asian American Community. These groups presently include Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnamese and Singapore. All ethnic groups whose heritage stems from the Asian and Pacific Island areas are welcome to join.

The committee meets on a monthly basis to plan its activities. These activities, for the most part, occur during May when the President of the United States proclaims the month as “Asian American Heritage Month.” The two main activities planned are: (1) a day's cultural celebration at the Heinz Regional History Center on Smallman Street, and (2) a student awards banquet at a local restaurant on Mount Washington. The cultural celebration consists of artifacts displays, handicraft demonstrations and stage performances. The performances include Martial Arts, dancing and fashion costuming from the various Asian cultures. The awards luncheon is held in May of each year, at a local restaurant on Mount Washington in Pittsburgh, PA. It honors outstanding high school students of Asian American background. These dedicated students are setting the pace for our high schools in academics, extra curricular activities and community service. It is fitting that we honor these future leaders and call public attention to their success, which stems from dedication, strong family ties and support, which are part of the Asian Culture.

The following Asian American organizations are represented by the Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board's Asian American Heritage Committee:

  • Organization of Chinese Americans
  • Japanese Association
  • Filipino Association
  • Korean Association
  • India Community
  • Indonesian Association
  • Thailand Association
  • Bangladesh Association
  • Vietnamese Association
  • Singapore Association

If you are a member of an Asian ethnic group not represented by the Committee and wishes to participate on the Committee, or if you merely would like to know more about us or any of the above organizations, please call David C. Seery, the current Chairman of the Committee, at 412-395-4556 or Donna Micuch at 412 - 395-5348.